Trench Training

Looking for trench safety training? We have several different options for online and classroom training.  Click an option below to explore our OHS compliant trench safety training programs. Not sure what you need, call or contact us for expert advice on the best training for your situation.



Trenches & Excavation Safety Training FAQ:

Trenches are extremely common on work-sites around the world & excavation is a key part of most construction-related jobs. According to OHS, excavation work has a 112% higher fatality rate than the rest of the general construction industry. That’s why we offer complete trench safety training programs to help you meet OHS requirements for training. Whether you need to train your trenching workers on-site, online or in a classroom; we have several options that meet your needs. Hundreds of companies and individuals around the world trust our professional training programs.

What is covered in our trench certification training?

  • Soil Classification & Types
  • Shoring Systems – Hydraulic, Timber, Etc.
  • Trench Collapse Types
  • General Trench Requirements
  • OHS Regulations (29 CFR § 1926 Sub-part P)
  • Hazardous Scenarios
  • Much More!

The number one cause of injury in trenches is due to collapse; which occurs when employees are not properly trained to work safely in different types of soils, weather conditions or from not using proper shoring techniques. Couple these issues with heavy construction machinery and there can be a recipe for disaster.

Our online programs, training kits and onsite training provide you with the expertise needed to become OHS compliant (see 29 CFR 1926.65) and to avoid costly mistakes.